Alperton School

Ealing Road

Historic Records show that school buildings in the locality of Alperton existed as long ago as 1878.  


Over the years various buildings were added and modified Also Barham Junior and Infants school was built on a nearby site, in Danethorpe Road, in 1936. 


By 1948 the original Alperton County Secondary Mixed school took pupils from 11 to 14 years old.

Alperton School in Ealing Road (pre 1900)






Mr Weatherley

Alperton School Headmaster (Retired 1945).

Alperton Secondary Boys' / Girls' School

The Split

In 1957 the mixed school was split; Alperton Secondary School for Girls temporarily occupying the old building with Miss Joan Dawson as Head teacher. 


Alperton Secondary School for Boys, with Mr T Hostler as Head teacher, moved to a new building on the slopes of One Tree Hill.


The boys soon adapted to new distractions, including the excitement of trains at the nearby station.

                        Ealing Road North (2001)

Alperton Girls

The boys had moved to a new building but the girls had to wait until 1962 before their move.


The Secondary School for Girls shared the site with the Boys' School, the site being restricted on the West side by the railway and by other property developments on the East side.


By using  modern construction methods, the school building had been completed in just 15 months.


Ealing Road South (2001)

The two Alperton Secondary Schools had only three Headteachers, namely F H Weatherly (1921 - 46), Tom Hostler (1946 - 67) and Joan Dawson (1957 - 67).

The two Alperton Secondary Schools continues as separate units for boys and girls until 1967 when they were amalgamated with Wembley County School to form the comprehensive Alperton High School.