Alperton Hall

Original Building

At the end of the 19th Century  a mansion, that became known as Alperton Hall, stood in a rural setting of country roads, fields and farmhouses. The building was approached along a ballast road that led from the Ealing Road close to The Chequers public house.

In 1920, the property was purchased to provide temporary accommodation for a new mixed Secondary School, originally called Alperton School.


 First Headmaster



Mr Edmund Lightley was appointed as headmaster of Alperton School in 1921, in preparation for the opening of the school in January 1922. In the summer of 1921 Mr Lightley and his wife inspected the site and found the building to be in a dilapidated state with broken windows, dead birds and sawdust partitions.

This dedicated school master, with vision and confidence, planned the opening of the school. Whilst he planned, builders and workmen moved in to create order out of chaos to give the building some semblance of a school. In January 1922, the first pupils were admitted.

Mr Lightley, who led the school from its foundation and through the war years, retired in 1944.

Mr Edmund Lightley