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(Because of privacy concerns) To make us really private, some of our web pages have been (moved ‘behind bars’) protected. We have locked some web pages to prevent public viewing and access to information by search engines and internet directories (these agents commonly use what are called spiders and bots to crawl around the internet collecting information, text, photos, data and so on). To put it simply, they collect anything and everything they can about you. This is considered fair game by these organisations who then use your information for their private gain without your consent.

The Club is our own, very, private member area where we can publish whatever we want to, and be secure in the knowledge that these organisations cannot access any data or information unless we want them to.

We will still vet the submissions for unacceptable content. Members of the Old Alpertonians are invited to contact us as soon as possible to be able to view the following web pages from now on: Latest News, the Chat Room, In Memoriam and two new pages: Events and Past Events will all go behind ‘locked doors’.

Contact us now, to arrange access.

Latest News
For the latest news, information and advice about reunions, get togethers, gatherings, and events, please click News in the Green menu above and then select Latest News. This will open the Latest News Window.

Please note that you will need to set your browser to allow pop-ups. The latest news will open as a popup window above this web page.

The new chat room
The Old Alpertonians Chat Room is now Live.

The Old Alpertonians Chat Room

The Internet
Stay Connected

The last issue of "The Alpertonian Magazine" was published at the beginning of November and we have been working hard to help you stay connected with the Old Alpertonians.

A couple of immediate results are:
  • A change to the look of some pages of the OldAlpertonians web site.
  • All the "old" content still available using the new menu.
  • A new and easier way to navigate around the web site (the new look java menu)
  • A new, live chat, Chat Room where you can meet and chat with friends 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Only available through the Club area.
  • Publishing the first eMagazine available on this web site (which was sadly the last printed Magazine - Issue 40).
  • More past issues to come.
  • A new "In Memorium" web page. Only available through the Club Area.
  • A new "Headlines" and "Latest News". Anyone can read the headlines, but only members can view the "Latest News" in full.
And just what is the Club? It is our new private member area. You will need to contact us first to register to use "The Club" or the "Chat Room".
All you need to do to stay connected is have use of:
  1. A Computer or Notebook with  Microsoft Windows (or Mac if you must).
  2. An internet connection.
  3. A web browser (eg: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox.)
  4. The internet address for this web site.
Ask your children, younger friends, in-laws, other friends, anyone who is happy to help you set up, get connected and stay in touch.

How to Contact Us

Confidentiality and Disclaimer

We do not publish any personal or confidential details of members, former pupils or staff on this website
Whilst we have endeavoured to ensure that the information on this website is correct,
we do not accept responsibility for any inaccuracies or errors.

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